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Turbo Lovers is a fist-pumping, foot-to-the-floor, memorable and inspiring rock ‘n’ roll experience and with a new album out now, they are continuing to bring their distinct brand to listeners around the world. The latest installment in their impressive discography is the album “Lettin’ It Fly!” and they are sharing the video for the single “Too Cocky”. The single is one of nine adding up to 35 minutes of rocking, drinking, gambling, sex, and more rocking. The band explains the single in their own words: It’s a song I’m not sure we expected to come out as good as it did. It’s nice when you hear the final mix in the studio and it exceeds expectations. It’s an AC/DC-style tune with more cowbell that’s about people frowning upon bands that put on a bombastic stage show. People sometimes mistake confidence for arrogance. This song is about rock stars being rock stars and putting on a show. The video we shot for this reflects this attitude. It’s a slight nod to the “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene in Wayne’s World, and the whole goal was to make a ridiculous and fun video.
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