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The Subtheory is a synth-based project from composer, writer, DJ and producer Andy Hill. With a long music career working with major record labels and with two critically acclaimed albums with his Death of Hi Fi project, he is exploring a deeper electronic music side of his influences. The Subtheory’s sound isn’t straight up palm trees and Ferraris, but a darker, grittier version of a neo-retro dystopia. Bladerunner noir meets cyberpunk detective. Starting off with his parents' mono record collection, creating on-the-fly remixes with pause buttons, to the early days of MPC samplers before moving into the fully digital age of software DAWs, Andy's ethos has always been to create music that moved people - whether it be their feet, their hearts or their minds. His music has been featured on BBC primetime TV, in Working Title movies, Olympic broadcasts, Boxing, American Football and European Football Championships coverage, as well as the legendary BBC Match of the Day.
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