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Sonic X is a modern hard rock band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of members, Joey Greco, Lawrence Falcomer, Joseph Cumbo & Adam Troy. Sonic X music consists of guitar driven riffs with an edge but also include memorable, melodic passages that take you to unexpected places. The writing and musicianship in Sonic X are flawless and the production is world class. Sonic X write songs that come from deep within their soul and are personal. This combination has allowed Sonic X to craft a unique sound that’s become their signature. Sonic X formed in 2004 when they released their self-titled debut CD on Z Records. The CD featured the popular song “News for You” which to this day remains one of Sonic X’s most downloaded and streamed songs. In 2007 Sonic X released their follow up CD titled “THIRTEEN” on Chavis Records. THIRTEEN featured the single “Seeds of Thunder” which received airplay on Sirius XM’s Breaking Bone program. THIRTEEN also included 4 bonus tracks from the Debut CD. In 2015 Sonic X released their most popular effort, the 4 song EP titled “Fall from Grace”. The EP featured the singles “Save Yourself” and “PRAY” which received significant airplay on radio, especially on Sirius XM's Octane station...the premier radio station for emerging Hard Rock music. In 2019 The band had a change of direction with Joey Greco taking over lead vocals from original vocalist Adam Troy who took a break for personal reasons. In August 2019, Sonic X released “Leave Me Alone” their 1st single since 2015 to positive reviews. Sonic X then released a new 5 song EP titled “Fly Around the World” on November 8th 2019, which also featured the follow up single aptly titled “Fly Around the World” a radio friendly song with a haunting catchy chorus that will stay with you long after listening. On April 24th 2020 Sonic X released “My Wonderful Life” which is the 3rd single from the “Fly Around The World “ EP. A timely song about reflecting on your life. Adam Troy rejoined the band in 2021 and will be splitting the vocal duties with Joey Greco. In January 2022 Sonic X released their 3rd full album titled "All Been Said and Done" featuring their first single "All Been Said and Done", a modern hard rock song with a memorable chorus. Adam returns to sing on 2 tracks on the new album, “So Alone” and the haunting “Spaces”. Joining Sonic X on the new album is experienced and extremely talented guitarist Sil Simon. Sil has toured with the likes of Tom Cochrane, Rik Emmett, Triumph, Lee Aaron etc. Sil has also worked on the theatre productions of Rock of Ages, We Will Rock you and Bat out of Hell. Sil will be playing a more prominent role in Sonic X on subsequent releases.
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