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Leicester born and bred, Siobhan Mazzei grew up surrounded by music and has collected various concepts of musical genus, creating a style that refuses to be hemmed by Genre. Siobhan provides an atmospheric set that combines a bleak folky sound with Pearl Jam-styled grunge to provide something that comes across as interestingly unique. Her latest release ""Consumed by Chaos EP"" is ferocious, beautiful and delicately grim. A listen you won't regret - a piece that echoes Siobhan's dejection - an apetiser of her sheer talent. Siobhan is a tour-de-fource driving stadium like anthems with intelligent twists - touring the UK and Europe blinding audiences with her spell-binding, gaelic style vocals and melodic rock riffs, all whilst still maintaining her astonishing song-writing ability. Siobhan is making waves in the industry with her supporting the likes of Mollie Marriot, The VirginMarys, Broken Witt Rebels, Dave Mcpherson (InMe) and Hands Off Gretel. Full of emotional energy and power. Story telling at its finest and darkest in many ways. As music should be, each song grabs you and shouts - listen.

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