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This spectacular band, “Sheila and the Caddo Kats”, is an outstanding ensemble, showcasing the premier vocals of the award-winning, Sheila Clark Fox. Not only does she sound great, but with her Internationally Acclaimed Clothing Endorsement from, “Everything That Blings”, owner Jacqueline Henly will have her dressed to give your audience a breathtaking experience to remember. They also bring to the front, the astonishing award-winning guitarist, Alan Fox. Together with world acclaimed drummer, Terry Salyer, and Bass player, Stephen Allen. This group performs their remarkable award-winning original songs along with the prodigious sounds of number one hits from the past. This is a winning combination for venues and their audiences. On any given evening, people can be seen, singing and swaying, with a nostalgic flavor, that takes their audiences back to a simpler time when music relayed, “That Good Feeling”, of being alive.
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