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Seeking Gravity began in the fall of 2018 as a 90s alternative cover band called Squirrel Jam, which quickly gained local notoriety. They played some original songs that Kyle, the lead singer and guitarist, wrote and shared with the band, but once Covid 19 hit and halted the live music scene, the band became more focused on the artistic expression of their original music. It was fun playing covers that the band had grown up listening to, but they realized that they came alive as a band in new and exciting ways when they started playing our own music. Their songs have the same rock vibe that they loved, but with some depth in the lyrics that pointed to universal truths as well as personal experiences of finding depth and meaning in life. They chose the name Seeking Gravity based on some of their lyrics, and notably that this project was something they were taking more seriously. It had more gravitas than the fun and games of Squirrel Jam. Seeking Gravity’s first album is a deep dive into how they have grown and changed, recognizing the mysterious paradox that often growth is accompanied by loss and grief. Seeking Gravity is about finding the real in life, wanting to experience the present moment, finding depth in genuine relationships, struggling through the hardships of life, and longing to stay grounded through it all. Ultimately, it is a testimony to the human experience.

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