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During lock down Alison Cowie, the singer from Beloved Alice, continued to write new tracks and re visit some tracks previously recorded and decided to call this "Project Alice". An eclectic collection of songs, all home recorded, were put together creating the ‘Illusions Of Existence’ album. Came back to music in 2010 and started writing and performing again. I have been in several groups and have just started a new project and will be performing live in the next few months. I team up with Derek Evans for our 'CONFLUX' project. We are currently writing some music for a movie which is due to start filming in 2018 and have had a few of our tracks played on BBC Unsigned. I also write as a solo artist under the name of 'Christy'. I have been very lucky and worked with some fabulous artists for collaborations from all over the world the most recent Nicklas Löfstrand who is a fabulous pianist!

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