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Dark melancholy gothic rock/metal band Outshine (Gothenburg Sweden) has had one of the rockiest histories you could imagine. Outshine has released 4 albums starting 2007, done 7th US tours between 2005-2018 and numerous European tours. The band started out in 1995 when founder, guitarist and vocalist Jimmy Boman but more as a studio project until 2002. Moving forward they released "Prelude to Descent" fall 2013 with great reviews, did a Scandinavian tour with Gothic Metal icons Paradise Lost but got robbed when arriving back home from the tour that created a turmoil of issues, deceptions and fights that didn´t end until 2016. During 2015 a new album started to take form but numerous re-recordings and band members changes pushed the release date nearly 4 years. The new album was finally released in February 2018 after years of lawsuits with Swedish tax authorities (won in court spring 2017), band member deceptions, murder threats and trials concerning lost property. A mayhem of anxiety was finally over? No quite... The release of the new album was followed by a new tour, this time in the Ireland & UK in February 2018 again with Paradise Lost. But after the tour turmoil struck the band and the departure of the singer went ugly and there was no other way then to start over from scratch.

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