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No, This Is Patrick! is a "heavy pop punk" band based out of Nashville TN. Originally formed in 2015 by guitarists Sean Naples and Matt Issacs, the lineup didn't take its true shape until 2018. With a few line up changes the core members have now found their true brothers in arms with Vocalist Andrew Dorn, Bassist Ben McAnelly and Drummer Truman House. Their self-titled debut album was a very pop punk/easycore jamfest, but it was primarily based on things that Sean and Matt had written during those unstable first years, so they knew they wanted to expand with the new solid lineup of insanely talented musicians. The band set about writing a second album, and were promptly stopped in their tracks by the pandemic. Over the past 2+ years they have been doing everything in their power to put this record together in whatever ways are possible. Now it's finally ready to start being revealed to the world and it is something very special. Primarily a pop punk band, NTIP don't sound like anyone else in their genre. This record especially utilises sounds and influences across many different genres.

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