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MILE is a melodic metal band from Sweden that has a modern sound mixing heavy metal and hard rock, combining heavy riffs and attractive melodies. The band started to take form in 2013 through Marcus “Masken” Karlsson (vocals), Fredrik Palm (guitar), and Marcus Folke (bass) when their old band “Cabinett” broke up. Dennis Kjellgren (drums) and David “Dave” Wallberg (guitar) were soon to follow and join this new project that was to be called “MILE”. A name that is simple to remember, does not put the band in any specific category of music, and can represent the distance the music can take you. They rehearsed and wrote songs for a whole year before they started playing live because they knew what quality they wanted to show right from the start. In 2015 one of the founding members, bass player Marcus Folke left the band and the group was complemented by Niklas “Nike” Tidholm, who added an extra dimension to their live performance.

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