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That's How it Starts heralds a new beginning for Marshall Potts. And his music. ""The song is really a lesson in life,"" explains the veteran singer-songwriter from his B.C. home near the Dalai Lama's centre of the universe. ""If you listen to the lyrics — 'That's how it starts / You come, you go, you run / You face your fears and embrace your tears' — it's about life's ups and downs, and learning to find something positive in the negative so you can keep going forward. Basically, the message is: Heal yourself, heal the world. Save yourself, save the world. But you have to come first."" It's a lesson Potts learned first-hand. After decades of giving and people-pleasing precipitated major health and life crises that left him spent, the humble artist re-evaluated and upended his existence, setting off on a 'trip inside' — a spiritual journey of healing that has moved him from darkness into the light. You can hear his personal and artistic transformation in That's How it Starts. Not just in the inspiring lyrics. But also in the ringing, interwoven guitar lines. In the buoyant arena-rock beat. And in Potts' tenderly insistent vocals that share the experience of saving himself. Combined, they deliver a universal message of positivity and optimism — while rocking out like a supergroup featuring U2, Bryan Adams and Lindsey Buckingham. The culmination of his years-long pursuit of happiness, That's How it Starts was the last song the prolific lifelong musician penned for his still-untitled upcoming album. Arriving this summer, it's a disc that focuses on moving beyond your past, taking back your power, embracing the moment and living in the here and now. That's where Potts is coming from. And where he's determinedly headed. The journey starts here.
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