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Madison's unique sound and style has captured the hearts of those that have been watching her grow online over the past 8 years, as well as those that catch her live shows, up-close and personal. Madison grew up in the heart of Barrie, Ontario, which has been a hub for art and music for the past 15 years or more, which she has contributed to for most of her musical journey. Whether it be teaching piano and vocals for the past six years, playing at local bars and venues, or out busking downtown during the summer months, Madison is very involved in making her presence known locally. She has been working with a Canadian Co-Operative called OMCI for the past three years, learning, and now teaching the ins and outs of the music industry to aspiring musicians and artists. Her love for her community and those within it brought her to receiving the Emerging Artist Award at the Barrie Arts Awards in 2019. Since 2016, Madison has been releasing music on all the major streaming platforms. Her first single, “Who Am I?” began to gain online and FM radio-play after it’s release, and since then she has been consistently putting out new music each year that has been receiving the same accolades and traction across many different countries around the world.
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