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After years of ghost writing, with releases under labels such as Warner, Sony and Hexagon, Lilla is now ready to drop her own music, starting off with the first single ‘Shymode’ - a self-produced, brutally honest indie-pop track. Weaving between the upbeat instrumental and melancholic lyric shines a delightful contrast which draws the listener in and has them hooked until the very end. With a groove that’ll make you bounce and words that’ll make you want to cry, Lilla has officially landed. In Lilla’s own words:
 “Shymode is an intimate self-portrait and admission of guilt. I am an introvert attention seeker. I am scared of a phone call to the local Indian restaurant and love to sing intimate songs in front of strangers. I am scared to the bones to be judged and desperate to be seen. I’ve spent so much time trying to understand and fix this inner contrast, but I just needed to sing about it to realise I’m only human, colourful and inconsistent at times. Now I am ready to show who I really am with my music. This track is the start...

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