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Nikhil Melige, better known by his stage name Khi Lo, is an Indian American multi-genre Singer/Songwriter and Rapper from the DMV. Since he was 16 writing Pop-Rap anthems, he’s known that music was not only his passion but an important part of his emotional process. As of late, Khi Lo’s turned introspection into a catalyst for his art and began to move in a more Alt-R&B direction. Never shying away from rocking a stage, he was frustrated when Covid stifled the in-person element of his creative outlet. The time he spent in lockdown forced Khi Lo to look back on his life and think about who he was as a person. It was only afterwards that he chose to express his artistry through a Punk aesthetic (e.g. powerful electric guitar samples being the driving melodic force in his current project Rosslyn). As live performance picks back up, Khi Lo is looking to return to the stage but is equally happy finding a spot in the front row to support the artistic community. Khi Lo is often described as always active, hard-working, professional, and straight ‘gooning’ by colleagues such as Johan Lenox & BIGBABYGUCCI.

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