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Kendra Erika, a South Florida-based rising star with multiple top ten hits on the US Billboard Dance music charts and UK Commercial Pop Charts, is like a timeless, flaming-haired siren whose voice is her superpower. For Kendra, achieving musical success has been no small feat. Tone-deaf as a child, Kendra was determined to do the work necessary to overcome this setback. She spent years in classical training just to learn how to sing on key. Today, her songs are streamed across the globe on Amazon, Spotify, and Apple with hits like “Self Control” that made their way to #1. Kendra’s videos have amassed over 2 million views to date. With an emotional delivery of a ballad-like Avalanche, her voice can pull your heartstrings, and she can belt out operas with a tonal perfection and vocal beauty that will bring you chills.

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