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Kalila Shields has been a Singer-Songwriter since 2019 and is based in the West Midlands, UK. She has been gaining recognition for her songwriting in various competitions. Her biggest achievement to date is being named the RnB Winner in the UK Songwriting Contest 2020 for her song “A Man Like You”. Her previous single, “Now That I Left” was Akademia Music Awards July 2022 Winner for Best Pop Song! As well as writing for herself, Kalila would love to collaborate with other artists, lyrically and/ or vocally. Her mission is to share her messages of true love, healing, and empowerment for oneself and in union through the airwaves. There is no such thing as perfection but love heals all and it is that journey that she promotes. Being more of a natural introvert, she is easing out of her comfort zone to build her audience and make her musical mark on the world.

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