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Interstitium is an Alt. Universe/ Alt. Rock' (and folk-rock band) band assembled by former Goya's Child (Original) lead singer and co-songwriter, Ian Irvine (Hobson) - also an author, poet and creativity expert. Interstitium's songs are being played on various Indie/Alt Rock radio stations in various nations, e.g. Radio TSFC (Germany,) Only Rock Radio (Spain), Prospect Radio (UK), 3MDR FM (Melbourne, Australia,), etc. Seven songs (i.e. Shot Down, Impaled, Soul In Motion, The Last Summer, Another War, I Am Not Myself and Gypsy Dancer) are currently on rotation play at European stations. Also, Renegades of Time was played a number of times on the Ray and Joe Show (Florida, US) in 2019. Ian and the band are creating the FOUR album soundtrack to 'Songs of the Interstitium', a transmedia story set in various parts of the planet, but also in a number of parallel realities. Different pieces of music are linked to the various novels of the overall story - as well as to key characters and settings.

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