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INFINITE SONIC formerly known as Sonic, formed in January of 2017. Since then, it has been a widely recognized band in the Bogotá rock scene, lauded for its diverse membership, stage presence, and song composition. It was one of a select group of local bands to participate in the 2017 Hard Rock Rising competition, and advanced to the finals of the prestigious Monsters of Rock competition hosted by Subterranica in both 2018 and 2019, after having made it to the semi-finals the previous year. The band was also selected to participate in the 2018 Bogotá Music Market business conference as a national act. The Infinite Sonic sound has evolved, trying always to represent a comprehensive panorama of alternative rock music, incorporating retro sounds of the rock eras of the 70s, 80s, and 90s with the modern sounds of today. On any Infinite Sonic disc or show, you will likely hear hard-driving songs, alt-indie type tunes, and some keyboard soaked alt-pop numbers. Another Infinite Sonic trademark are big, enveloping background vocals. You'll be tempted to say Infinite Sonic sounds like someone, but never quite be able to put your finger on exactly who.

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