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High-D, Heidi Marjaana Mantere is vocalist, violinist and Pedagogy in Classical violin teaching. She is Music pedagogy in pop/ jazz music in violin and also a Somatic Pilates Instructor. Heidi Marjaana sings mainstream, jazz, soul and pop music. She is a very Big fan to Karen Carpenters voice. Heidi lives in Helsinki, Finland. She is teaching classical violin in East Helsinki Music School and used to teach for 15 years improvisation in Helsinki Pop & Jazz Concervatory by her main instrument, violin. Heidi is ESTA European String Teachers Association Finland Board President and Solo Finland Vice President. Solo Finland is an Association for soloist, solo musicians and conductors. HIGH-D High-D came in 2019 when she took part to European Singing Contest tryout. Between 2020-2022 she has been singing and playing in studio making 11 singles in pop, soul and indie pop categories. High-D finally got her debut on May 8th, 2022 in Solo Finland Association CD and Digital release concerts held in Eckerö Line m/s Finlandia on Baltic Sea between Helsinki and Tallinn. She also performed her original Against all pain for the first time live, during that debut Concert. Against all pain was released April 8th, 2022. Heidi hopefully performs in the future a lot, as she used to before pandemic time, so you should check out and follow her website Instagram @heidimantereella and in facebook feed @korkeadee High-D. High-D and music producer DJ P.O.S have created all New music to High-D. Heidi Marjaana is the main producer to her High-D music.

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