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Fight The Fade is a five-piece rock outfit hailing from the Midwest. Consisting of vocalist Zene Smith, guitarist Tyler Simpson, Bryan Conway, bassist Trevor Taylor, and drummer Alyssa Worth, Fight The Fade have become the paradigm of success in their genre. Since they began their journey in 2010, Fight The Fade has toured extensively, while successfully releasing two EPs What We Know (2012) and Masks (2010), and three full-length records, Second Horizon (2014), Fight The fade (2016), and recent 2020 release “in Love. in Hope. in Peace.” With each release experience, Fight The Fade have consistently bought straight-forward lyricism, intertwined with gorgeous melodic vocal cadence, light symphonic elements, and electronics together with kinetic percussion and paramount guitar riffs. While their success has shown independently, Fight The Fade then was signed to FiXT in 2021, where their success only continues to grow and soar.
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