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Industrial-grunge? Is that a thing? If it is, it's Fennr Lane. When it doesn’t have 4, Fennr Lane has 1 member. The man behind the Fennr Lane pseudonym, is multi instrumentalist Per S. Folkestad. He writes, performs and produces all bits and pieces of his tunes by his own heart and hands. Based in Norway, Fennr Lane is currently focusing on recording a series of songs that will be released one by one, and which ultimately will form the spine of Fennr Lanes’s debut album – “BENDED LINES and LOST REFLECTIONS”. Flirting with a wide array of rock genres, Fennr Lane is known to be notoriously unfaithful to the contemporary, and forever loyal to the dying art of rock. It’s black and white, it’s industrial, it’s grungy, it’s light and heavy.
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