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Faceless Mirror is an Australian North Coast Rock Band comprising of 4 musicians with one common goal - to produce, perform, and record really great original music. We reckon if Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd all went to Neil Young's house for dinner and then had a jam.,. This is what it may sound Their Debut album 'Journey Home' was not just a bunch of songs thrown together, Its was a concept album taking you on the journey of life, and finding your home - the place most of us yearn to get back to - a place called home. From the day you enter this world - the journey home begins. During the Covid period, the band suffered line-up changes, due to members having to relocate out of the area, leaving Dave Cavanagh, Dean Macaw, and Derek Armistead to contemplate their options. This was when they also decided to start recording and producing a second album. With the help of Michael Hunt on Bass guitar, it all came together quickly. And again, Michael Stavrou was called in to do the mixing.
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