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The band came together in 2019 when Jeff and Jim met Shaun at a Godsmack concert through mutual friends. Conversation came up about original music and Shaun said he’d like to give the project a listen. Shaun was traditionally a thrash drummer, so the music and tempo was a bit different than he was used to, but he added something special to it almost immediately. Chris Fritz had already tried to hire Shaun for a cover band and found out he was joining Jim and Jeff for an original project. After listening to a demo of a few of the songs Chris quickly became interested. (Chris, Jim and Doug have all been lifelong friends since high school) Doug Edwards originally declined doing an original project but couldn’t resist joining the group. It wasn’t long after that the band release a 7-song demo titled Shallow Grave which can be found on all streaming platforms. After gigging the songs over the summer, the group got into some serious song writing and decided to put together an 11-song studio release. They teamed up with Charlie Berezansky of Rival Sound studio and laid the foundation of the album “Far From Life.
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