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David Ruffin Jr. (D-Ruff), son of the legendary lead singer of the Temptations David Ruffin, has been in and out of the underground scene since his Father passed away. Although D-Ruff has his father’s gift of singing he was particularly interested, talented and focused in hip hop as a rapper. David Jr. was also an excellent athlete who was continuously reminded by coaches across the board (from Track & Field at Redford high to Football at Henry Ford and Boston College) that with his unique talents on the football field and with constant training and determination there was always a strong possibility to make it to the National Football League. After a severe knee injury clouded those dreams David Jr. went to his father for support with his love for hip-hop and the rap game. However, his Father was not supportive of this approach into music and clearly stated to him “Well I aint backing you up on a fad. Let me know when you’re ready to sing!” Although David Jr. felt it was a slap in the face at the time, within the year decided (with a little help from his friends) that although his Fathers opinion about the rap game may not be exact, that he would take his Fathers advice and switch genres …. Sadly, the conversation between David and his father regarding his understanding of dads views on the industry, and where his true talents could be utilized, took place two weeks before his father’s death...

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