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Crisie Isbell is a singer…Crisie Isbell is a survivor…Crisie Isbell is a poet and songwriter who writes about her life. She is an Alabama girl who has wonderful childhood memories of being on her grandparent’s cattle farm. She fondly remembers fishing with Paw Paw and helping Granny can vegetables. For hours on end she would sort through their vinyl record collection and play Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty and Patsy Cline. Then, through a series of unfortunate events, her world changed dramatically. She needed to find a way to sort through all of the confusing feelings that she was having…so when she was 7 years old she began to write short stories on the back of brown paper grocery bags. To further escape the painful adult world that she had no control over, Crisie at the age of 10, began writing her own collection of personal poetry. Unfortunately when she was 12 years old she landed in foster care. Thankfully during her teenage years she was able to live with her best friend’s family and escape the foster care system. She even wrote her own poetry column in her high school newspaper. She loved to sing but was too shy and downtrodden to even let her best friend hear her. Through her friend’s unconditional love and encouragement Crisie eventually began to open up and sing in a few of the local bars. The two friends poured through vinyl records listening to the Eagles, Tom Petty and Bob Seger. In her 20’s Crisie wrote songs and sang the Blues and classic rock with many different musicians and bands.
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