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BURNING POINT was founded in the Fall of 1999 in Oulu, Finland. After the recordings of only one promotional CD, the band managed to get a record deal with a well-known German based metal label, Limb Music (LMP), who released the albums "Salvation By Fire" (2001) and "Feeding The Flames" (2003). Despite massive legal problems which ended up in fights through lawyers and the loss of their record deal, the band managed to get live slots on some big festivals such as Tuska Metal Festival and Sweden Rock. In 2004 the band took a new, fifth member to the band. Jussi Ontero was chosen to take over the keyboards and the the band went straight to the studio to record the single "To Hell And Back" which was released only in Finland and Sweden by Poison Arrow Records. Between the late 2004 and early 2006, two members of the original line-up went their own ways. Jukka (guitars) continued his own band NNS and Jöpe (bass) joined Catamenia. In 2005 BURNING POINT recorded another promotional CD. It was brought to the attention of Metal Heaven in Germany and they offered the band a record deal.
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