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Breaking Fuel, as a duet, is just saturated with openness, looking for journey of sounds and encounters of the living. "MAKE OUR DELAY GREAT AGAIN" 10 tracks New LP is the result of an incredible journey, recorded in 3 magic venues: Clouds Hill Studio in Hamburg -Germany-, Paris then Lacanau (Bordeaux area). This LP is following previously released "MAKE", "OUR", "DELAY" & "GREAT" EPs!! Breaking Fuel’s leaders tends to gaze at the stars and their album takes root in the surroundings of Bordeaux /France - using drum&bass storming, to fly away in the Clouds Hill studio in Hamburg /Germany (Bosnian Rainbows, Pete Doherty, At The Drive-in..). Back on Earth, the band has chosen Paris to complete the whole album with the producer/sound engineer Camille Jamain for the production/preproduction process, additional recordings and the final mix (En Veux Tu? En V'là!, Le Cirque électrique, "Oiseaux-Tempête"...). He had already mixed their previous opus "More More More" and he's back in tip top shape. "When we were there, we got a warm welcome from the team of the studios’ team! The main protagonist of the session, Sebastian Muxfeldt, beautifully succeeded in handling our rock n’ roll fever! Thanks to him and to all the family there, this fabulous trip (not a bad one!) will stay forever in our hard disk memories, stimulating all our senses! We keep these precious updates in mind, whether on an artistic, human or technical point of view and we wish most people could live that kind of creative moments, which is so important in the life of a band." Additional recordings were done between Paris and Lacanau and they also could rely on the renewal of the support of great guests such as Adrián Terrazas González (The Mars Volta, TRAM...), Matthieu Lesenechal 🎹🎸 (Big Sir, Lisa Papineau...) and of the great Sci-Fi writer Alain Damasio ("La Zone du Dehors", "La Horde du Contrevent", "Les Furtifs"). They've also decided to work again with the illustrator/visual artist DERIK for the creation of the artwork and japanese artist Ema Kawanago for the enhancement of the fundraising campaign among other things to come... With the help of Camille, Jean-Charles Bastion ("Paris is Us" score) gave them the right to attend the mastering session in his intergalactic studio in Paris and it was an unforgettable experience!

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