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Ricky Dineen is an Irish musician best known as the co-songwriter, guitarist, and at times bassist with the post-punk band Five Go Down to the Sea?, earlier known as Nun Attax, later as Beethoven. He wrote most of the band's music and developed their angular guitar style, which he said was in part influenced by The Mekons, The Fire Engines and Gang of Four. More recently, Dineen is the guitarist and singer with the alt rock band Big Boy Foolish, a band with guitarist and vocalist Liam Heffernan, who self describe as "Post punk Geriatrics". In June 2020, they released their debut single "Horsey!" described by McGrath-Bryan in The Evening Echo as continuing Dineen's sound "along a grinning, black-humored trajectory". In 2021 McGrath-Bryan wrote that "unsatisfied with nostalgia, the pair have spent the last number of years cultivating a body of idiosyncratic, drum machine-propelled tunes that sit somewhere to the left of the current wave of genre revivalism." Their second single, "Up the Airy", was released in August 2020, followed by "B-B-F" that December. Their single "Nunzerkat", described by Dinnen as "the ‘fourth in a trilogy", was released in January 2021 and topped the iTunes Music Store's Irish rock category. Their November 2021 single "Bothán" was described as falling "somewhere between their post-punk roots and a mad, spacey take on low, loping country-ish lead guitar.

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