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Arlene Bailey has come a long way since singing in Sallins embracing country music in a way that has gained her much recognition. She left home at 17 and went on tour with an all-girl band called the Nashville Angels. After a few years of playing the club scene in the UK Arlene decided it was time to move on and went solo. She continued to tour and her talent brought her to many places around the world including tours of the Middle East Europe and the United States of America. Arlenes long awaited first trip to America came in 1999. She flew into Florida with her manager and drove all the way to Nashville making a quick stop off at Disneyland of course! Since then she has recorded 2 albums in Nashville and has spent a considerable amount of time living in Nashville touring the country and has played the Irish scene in New York for nearly 9 months. Her debut album Chain of love was released in 2003 and the title track got to number 51 in the European country music charts and got to number 9 in France.
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