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Jamaican born Singer, DJ, songwriter and performer, Arribazon who's real name is Roshaun Haughton is a lyrical artiste filled with addictive punchlines from the parish of Clarendon was given birth to at the Denbigh Hospital in MayPen, Clarendon on March 22, 2001. To parents Rowan Haughton who's artiste name is "Bonanzzah" and Scharna Haughton. As youngster while attending the Central High School, grade eight was where Arribazon began his music journey as an artiste. Roshaun discovered his stage name "Arribazon" after researching the Spanish version of his fathers' stage name, "Bonanza" (English Spelling). Arribazon did his first song "Mr. Gravalicious" with his father when he was fourteen (14) years old at Audio Traxx Studio at Burke Road, Old Harbour. Mr Gravalicious was released on November 30,2018 under the label "Bleeding Cross Production" owned by Bonanzzah. At the age of sixteen (16) Arribazon was recommended by Bonanzzah to sign up with the Elite Music Embassy and released his first single "Go Harder" when he was seventeen (17) years old on October 22,2018 under the labels Collaboration Recordz and Apokalips Worl' owned by Arribazon himself, which was registered on October 16,2018 one week before his single "Go Harder" was released. Arribazon released his second single "Pop Shot Love" on January 23,2019 under his label Apokalips Worl' and AudioTraxx Production owned by Lamar Thompson. Pop Shot Love was recorded from 2016 when Arribazon was just 15 years old in third form (grade 9) attending Central High School. Then he moved on to release SO SAD! on YouTube June 18,2019 which was recorded by Arribazon himself on Beatlock Productions riddim while living in Savannah Cross. The song was written after listening the late XXXTENTACION sad songs like: SAD!, Revenge and Jocelyn Flores to name a few, hence the reason why it's sung in standard English, having such a sad tone and the art cover reflect the cover art of XXXTENTACION SAD! from the ? Album which was number 1 on Billboard and other charts. On February 26,2020 the music video for "SO SAD!" was released, this was edited into black and white with slow motion effects to convey a dark mood, wrapped up in emotions. In the video you can see the artiste walking aimlessly up some stairs carefully placing his feet on each step, the meaning behind this is that at this point in the artistes' life he no longer has anymore fight in him towards love. On June 25,2020 Arribazon started working with Nicoy Thompson (Nick Grenade Muzik) the brother of Lamar Thompson at the AudioTraxx studio. Arribazon initiated his association with Nicoy by recording, mixing and mastering the track "Love Puzzle" which was used to complete the 'Inception' EP/Album (Arribazon's first EP release) which was release officially on July 6,2020 to all online stores. The song 'Love Puzzle' was released in the same week on YouTube, launching the EP. Arribazon officially started to work with Nicoy Thompson (Nick Grenade Muzik) solely.
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