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Andrew’s unique sound interweaves the fervour of contemporary gospel with the moving and edgy vibe of R&B, Dance and House music. Andrew interweaves the fervour of his humble gospel begins with the moving and edgy vibe of Dance and House music. ANDREW E PEARCE embarked on his first Independent record deal in 2003. The release of his ground-breaking solo-debut single “Where love lives”, which was a cover of the Alison Limerick’s 1090 club hit. Soon after, Andrew released “Day by Day” produced by Kevin Saunderson of the Detroit Dance and electronic music group InnerCity fame, this catapulted ANDREW E PEARCE into the hearts and consciousness of dance and music fans alike. ANDREW E PEARCE embarked on a life- changing musical challenge by signing to Polydor (UK)/Universal Records (USA). ANDREW E PEARCE sang on the released debut album “Lovefield, Vivid” in 2003, where the legendary producer produced by Trever Horn, is responsible for many tracks on the album. This Album consists of such as emotively, sophisticated song as “Beast”, tongue in cheek rock-vibed “Scary Creatures” and the ethereal sounding Funny Little Man.

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