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Liverpool based alternative-rock artist, Ambro River (aka Richard Batty), has released his debut single, ‘Electrolyte’. With elements of ’90s gunge providing an edge between sweet melodies, this driving rock track is a fantastic and ambitious debut. Batty creates an exhilarating and raw backdrop of gritty guitar riffs, rumbling bass lines and punchy drums to create one blistering gem for listeners to enjoy. The guitars exude an epic quality reminiscent of 80’s rock anthems and smoulder through the chorus while the verses tease and intensify throughout. The song boasts Batty’s musical prowess and tight songwriting as he uses expressive instrumentation to enhance his clever lyrical content. Melding playful lyricism with majestic and refined musicianship, ‘Electrolyte’ is an impressive and well-crafted tune from Ambro River.
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