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A Day in Venice is Andrej Kralj, a dynamic artist from Trieste in Italy. Since 2013 Andrej has written and produced three full-lenght albums in his home studio on the Karst plateau: some of his releases include A Day in Venice (2014), Singles (2018), III (2019), an EP - Lights (2020), and four singles TWIOYS (August 2020), Ophidian Queen (September 2020), No one can stop you (April, 2022), Flames of gold (May, 2022) and Your Thoughts Buried in Darkness (June, 2022). Currently, he's been working on a new album due to be released in 2023. Each of his albums has a unique progression in style, from the first doom metal influences to the latest alternative/post-rock/prog rock. The most recent production is dense with dark rock elements and is marked by broad use of healing percussions and instrument. A Day in Venice is a one-man band, which has featured many artists over these past years. While Andrej performs all the instruments in his productions, he connects both with local and international vocalists such as Angelos Kyprianos who performed the vocals on "Your Thoughts Buried in Darkness".

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