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The Annual Gala Chart Award® is given to the most popular songs submitted to the Museboat Live Channel. Representatives of the Museboat team nominate 25 songs for the competition and the listeners nominate another 25.

It is possible to vote repeatedly in the contest as many times as possible.

The competition consists of several rounds and ends with the announcement of the 25 FINALISTS and three WINNERS in the Annual Gala Chart show. The competition also includes categories: THE BEST SONG LYRICS, THE BEST SONG PRODUCTION and THE MOST PRECIOUS SUPPORTER.

For a fair course of the competition, the system of the competition is set up to take into account the direct participation in the form of sharing, tweeting, giving feedback as well as the presence of fans in the chatroom during the individual rounds.

As part of the Annual Chart competition, a JURY PRIZE is also awarded for the most original and best-produced composition, regardless of the number of votes cast.

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