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Featured Artist / MMA Finalist / Show Executive Producer


My name is Tommy Rice. I lost my precious wife, Deborah, to brain cancer in which we battled for almost 3 years. She was the greatest love I have ever known. After being asked to write a short story of her fight to stay alive, I read to my grief recovery class and my classmate asked to make it a song. Two years later, with no experience in writing, I now have 192 written songs, 84 recorded songs, 2 number ONE songs, a number two Christmas song, 9 songs with radio play that are all highly charted, 2021 nomination for Crossover Artist of the Year, 2022 New Country Group of the Year award, and a book titled Miss Her More Today Than Yesterday. All of my songs are about our love of Jesus and the real love we shared together. All glory goes to Him. I have been a Real Estate Broker for 44 years and just sold my Auto Dealership after 27 years of making memories of a lifetime. My heart and goal in life right now is writing music and sharing Jesus's love and the real love He put into our life all over the world. If I am so blessed to end my life here on earth sharing this greatest of love about Jesus, and the love we shared together, no higher honor could ever be given to me!


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