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The Magneto Flobe are a band, a concept, and a philosophical movement. their sound is as ever changing as their membership. A merry band of "pranksters" that love life and live it. Simply put, they play music. Whether it be blue-eyed soul, a hundred year old folk song, an original, an alt-country number, or a cheesy pop tune, they are equally at home. Led by their only constant member, "da boi" derinho, the philosophical movement which is the Flobe, is constantly evolving and stellar. derinho, the boss, The Grand Poobah, rhino, aka "da boi", handles rhythm guitar duties as well as vocals, keys, percussion, bass, etc... We also must not forget the contributions of the many Flobe members, including trusty sidekick Throdgie Baby, and too many other artists to mention... so, sit back, relax and go with the Flobe!

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