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1989: at a local high-school in Haacht, Belgium – about 20 miles north-east of Brussels – brothers Frederic & Philippe Martello team up with Kris Bries to kick-start The Blue Chevy’s. As reflected in the name of the band, it shows their initial fondness for vintage rock & roll and neo-rockabilly. Whilst other members join and leave, it’s clear that the sound and direction of the band is defined by the Martello-Bries trio. They quickly get some local recognition from local venues and start building up their live repertoire. Having the opportunity to play at the recognized Swing Blues Festival (BE), they get inspired by the Texas Shuffle and Jump blues as they share the stage with The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Paul Lamb and Mike Morgan. A change of direction, as they start to integrate these styles in their existing R&R set. It proves to be a successful cocktail as they get booked for nearly every festival or venue in Belgium and the Netherlands in the following years. In 2019, The Blue Chevys is celebrating its 30 years anniversary and the band is touring to support the release of a compilation album ‘Twice Fifteen”, that clearly proves the band’s evolution throughout the years. Thanks to some live concert broadcasts on Belgium national radio Classic21 and Nancy WebTV in France, the fan-base grows throughout Belgium and France.
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