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Riccardo, passionate singer and musician from Bremen, has been on stage since the age of 13. After his first band successes, he understood early on that spreading his own music is the goal. Meanwhile Riccardo can look back on more than 10 years of stage experience as a solo artist. The special feature of the musician is his own live band. From the beginning, this highlights his unique voice and contributes to a unique live experience. In 2017, the singer with Italian roots released his first single "In My Zone". In 2020, the single "Supernova Superstar" followed. The song, inspired by the 80s, does not let anyone sit still and takes the listener:inside into a little time travel. In 2022 further releases are planned and Riccardo is waiting with his band to finally get back on stage and present his music. The heart and soul musician is looking forward to captivate the audience with his energetic way and to create beautiful moments and experiences together.

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