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Krizel is a singer songwriter and a model. She started writing songs since she was younger. She loves modeling, acting, singing, dancing and writing her own songs. She used to be really shy because she was bullied in high school so she wasn’t confident enough in herself. But writing songs and being on stage helped her get through it. Her biggest dream is to be one of the best artists, to inspire people, to be on tour and travel the world. To be able to meet and help more people in need. Aside from writing and singing, Krizel is also a model. She started modeling 6 years ago. She first joined acting career and was asked to join modeling as well. She didn’t really want to be a model in the beginning because she have a huge passion for singing and acting but she loves performing and being in front of the camera and thought why not? She took it as an opportunity to enhance her confidence and now she loves it. She did some singing, modeling, acting and dancing workshops, joined multiple runways, photoshoots/commercials with different brands and movies. Singing and writing song lyrics has taught her so many things in life. It’s also her way to express her feelings. She slowly became more comfortable and confident about sharing her crafts out there. She also get to meet new people in different places.
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