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One could say Kirsten was born a natural performer. Kirsten’s biggest strength is performing live. She has an incredible fluidity and resonance that impacts your heart. One of her unique abilities is to write a song spontaneously on the spot. Kirsten has written for top world wide DJ artists in Canada, US and the UK. She has been featured on songs such as Pulse (Louis Vivet), Notayo “Be Mine” (Claydee), and written for signed artists, grammy producers, & had songs licensed on movies and commercials. Kirsten integrates her skills of an entrepreneur into all entertainment. She has had the pleasure of working with brands from all over the world such as tv, record labels, agencies, managers, touring companies, movie deals, fashion, food etc. Kirsten’s heart is to show people it is possible to follow your passions, and have purpose. To encourage people to love themselves. Creating healing and culture change throughout the world by being confident in ones’ self. She wants to be a legend.

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