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From the moment she entered this world, Ieva has had music running through her veins. Born in Lithuania, the Basel based artist came in contact with music and instruments when she was a child and it was love at first sight. Her rich traditional music-education was a solid base for her electronic career. Back in 2014 in Basel’s Lady Bar, Ieva stood at the turntables for the very first time and she immediately knew that this was her passion. She knew that she had found a musical wonder that would fit her artistic and musically creativity in a perfect way, a fascination that has lasted and still grows. Harmony and compact, the red thread is important for Ieva when it comes to bringing tracks together for her groovy, impulsive and flowing dj-sets. Ieva focusses on reduced beats from various styles. She has a heart for musical diversity, which sets the foundation of her sets and one of the very reasons she gets approached and booked by a wide range of clubs and bars.

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