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Hall Of Alltimers Artist


Florida-based modern rock band Hope Darling creates music with beautiful yet passionate vocals, blissful melodies, and brilliant immersive full-band sound that’s been entrancing audiences for over five years now. Hope Darling joins together the talents of Gabriel Sanchez (lead singer/primary songwriter), Jason Donadio (lead guitar/vocals), Frank Dancey (rhythm guitar / vocals), Richard Gomez (bass) and Jeff Durso (drums). Rising from the Tampa music scene, the five-piece gathered a broad range of influences over time playing shows and taking on-board inspiration from Rock as much as Blues, Classical, Reggae, and even Hip-Hop. Having built a name for themselves on the local scene, the band began to branch out finding themselves performing nationally. They were given the opportunity to open for the 2015 97X Next Big Thing Concert; an honor that has since been motivating them to push their sound and work ethic further and further. In that same year Hope Darling was nominated as the local “Breakout Band” by TouchTunes digital jukeboxes featuring their Single, “Lifeline”.

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