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What are your dreams, what is your calling, what makes you happy? Hans Grondel dreamed of a career in music. Doubt, uncertainty, choosing to be safe has kept him from going for his dream. Because we won't live forever and because he knew he would regret it, the 36-year-old bar owner decided to step away from the bar and follow his heart. He's working harder on his music than ever before! Hans sings about chasing dreams, love and happiness. Americana that sounds like a mix between Danny Vera and Waylon. Let yourself be carried away by the guitar work and catchy melodies. In addition to his safe job as a bar owner, Hans has always made music. At the age of 17 he picked up the guitar and since then Hans has performed hundreds of performances, won the Drenthe pop prize, was on stage with Triggerfinger and was shown on MTV.

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