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Fabian Jack are a rock band from London. Think The 1975, married to The Queens of the Stone Age, having a fling with Vampire Weekend. Their sound echoes from a rich past, mixing new wave, disco, dance, dub and a heavy dose of eighties pop. The band burst with energy, catchy tunes and a commanding stage presence. The band love performing. It’s a completely live set, They engage with their audience and gigs can often veer off course at any given moment. Expect the unexpected and get ready to join the party. Fronted by Beni (Champion Vocals), garrisoned with tough love from his big sister, Piera (Supreme keys & sassy backing vocals). They are eager to gain your attention, whether it’s the slightest head bob or joining them up on stage, and they don’t give up until they get it. Add to this, silky guitar licks (JP), radioactive bass (Chris), and drums of thunder (John). The band share a silly sense of humour which is evident in their shows. However, don’t be fooled by their lust for inflatables and glow sticks. This band know when to cut away, pare down, sit back when necessary, and then turn it up for maximum impact at the right moment.
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