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Danny Rossi is a Canadian born singer-songwriter. His charismatic and entertaining on-stage persona combined with distinctive vocals earns him the reputation of dynamic frontman. Discovering bands such as Mötley Crüe, Metallica and Guns n' Roses at a young age led him to playing guitar and bass but it wasn't long before he assumed the role of vocalist. t wasn't until November 9th 2020 that Danny was contacted by John Serino, a friend from college, to add vocals to a remote project that would become The OutLiars. On February 16th 2021 they released their debut single ""Light Me Up (Enjoy The Ride)"" and are currently working on more music for future release. In January 2022 Rossi began working with long-time friend/producer Kevin Jardine (Uplift Studios, Slaves On Dope) on his first solo venture under the name DR Groove.

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