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Vocalist Mick DeMille makes lush, orchestral, retro-modern sounding rock that features his glamorous image and multi-layered tenor singing style. DeMille was born Forrest Todd Heise in Seattle, WA. He has English, German, and Portuguese ancestry. DeMille grew up living in various regions of the U.S. as his family moved from city to city. He discovered his passion for music in high school and began to play with local groups, mostly playing piano and guitar. Driven by a desire to perform, he took up the microphone and started honing his craft as a lyricist and singer. Fronting several bands including Anima Fracture and Moon Mantis, his live performances began to turn heads in the local scene. DeMille released the single, ""Stay Down"", under his given name, Forrest Heise, in 2013, before remaking himself into the androgynous pop-cutup character, Mick DeMille. A mysterious teaser for the single, ""Love In Blue"", appeared online in May 2016 and drew substantial buzz, as did a secret show he performed at...
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