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SedSoul Music Label under Producer Rob Hardt´s guidance has gained a formidable catalog of quailty music and set the standard for what Soul music is now. The dazzling new release, "Magic In Love" from American Born Soul Star ,David A. Tobin is a perfect mix of top quality vocals/ lyrics and production, in other words this is pure fire! This is what Soul Music has needed, and they surely deliver. David A. Tobin´s luminous soulful male vocal that is sure footed in melody and groove. "Magic In Love", is an original with an edge of entertainment and surprises through the song. David A. Tobin is on his game 100%; The team understands how to paint the picture of what love mixed with magic sounds like in glorious song. Using words like; "Hocus Pocus" or " Abracadabra'' could be tricky, but Mr. Tobin handles telling this story with the ease and dexterity of a seasoned professional! It's also good to hear David A. Tobin returned after his single, "Save Your Love For Me" triumph from Cool Million´s, "Stronger" full album return with such a brilliant single release.
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