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Starting a band in a small town in Russia doesn’t seem to be an easiest thing but these guys never shrink from difficulties. Three close friends Fil Kurly, Andrew Lezjov and Eugene Ivannikov, inspired by Led Zeppelin, G n’R and Ozzy, have been playing together since the age of 13 and never wanted to do anything apart from making music. A Short time later when it was agreed that Eugene should be a drummer they started looking for a bass player and in 2004 they found Sasha Alehno. Then it was time to complete the line up with a cool singer. After longtime agonizing searching guys recruited an old friend of theirs Max Yaroshenko whose band Life Time Clowns took a break so he was available for the moment. At the present time Castaway Angels released their debut EP “Gotta Move On” which includes 4 songs: Gotta Move On, Ready To Start, Welcome To The Bar and So Much Blind. The band’s music genre may be introduced as “High-power old school rock'n'roll with fresh breath of the 21st century”.

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