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Gilbert Cantin (bassist / guitarist / vocal lead) is native of Lac St-Jean, music has always been part of its life, he had the passion very young, initiated by his mother to guitar, he always liked all kinds of music, musician for a long time he played for several training, country rock or others, he also accompanied by several artists and artists amateurs, then participation as a composer but the taste to sing his own compositions has attracted her for years and quite by chance, a coworker talks to her that she was fascinated by the writing text, she wrote him a first text, so begins a collaboration with Chantal who writes everything the texts. Chantal lepage, Born in a small row of countryside near Montreal, she grew up to the sound of music, family parties in songs, The songs to answer and the country songs. His father and his uncles played music (folklore / country / western) .Chantal liked to play with words since her youth and it is with surprise that she learns that Gilbert is looking for an author for her compositions, she wrote him a first text (life goes too fast) this one provides him with 2 versions of the same piece, a funk version and a country and since she is his collaborator, she writes texts while Gilbert sings and composes the music and the adventure continues.
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