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Adom is the protege of a renowned multiplatinum producer Phil Greene. Greene was so impressed by the recordings, he called A&R legend Lennie Petze to get his take. Petze is the former Senior Vice President of A&R for Epic/Portrait Records and has a reputation for spotting great talent. He was immediately taken by Adom’s musical ability and production approach. After Adom’s successful debut “Kids of America” hit over a MILLION views on YouTube in less than a month, the emerging new artist is on track to release his second single, “Fame.” This song takes you on a journey through the rise and fall of prominence, power, struggles a person faces, and the choice between an everyday life over popularity, fame, and fortune. The illusion of happiness and the ambitious pursuit of wealth can affect personal relationships and ultimately drive one’s ego beyond repair. Adom has been credited for writing and producing songs for various artists for over a decade. He is the protege of world-renowned record producer Phil Greene whose credits include some of the biggest pop acts of a generation. It will be an exciting 2022, and “Fame” should be quite the audio and visual crowd pleaser!
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